martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

(Special) Shops of San Sebastian and where to buy cosmetics

When I was a child I went to this shop with my mother, now I don't buy anything there but it's a lovely shop with good items (maybe for older people than me and with more money).
The best bag for me would be a Loewe bag.

Where to buy cosmetics? If I had to buy cosmetics I would buy in Cosmetic Club. Why? Because they have the things cheaper than other stores and because they send things very fast. I have received the palette which I won in Perlica84's giveaway in only two days. I'm thinking about buying a lot of things for Christmas for me and for my family because if you spend more than 100€ the shipping is free.

Perlica84 cosmètiques knows more than me about cosmetics, she has a interesting blog.

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  1. Aunque nuestra economía esté bastante perjudicada y no dé para gastar en estas tiendas, es un placer para los sentidos contemplar los escaparates o darte una envuelta por su interior ¿no te parece?

  2. estuve en san sebastian hace mil años, pero nunca he ido de compras...
    mmmmm me parece que tengo que preparar un viaje!!

  3. Me encanta el escaparate de Loewe!!

  4. Ese escaparate de Loewe lo publiqué hace unos meses porque lo tenian en mi ciudad :) Me pareció una monada xxx


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