martes, 21 de octubre de 2014

List of participants - Echopaul's giveaway

Lista de participantes

01. Lola Antón - 27, 53
02. Mari V - 28, 54
03. Beauty and others -29, 55
04. Kelika -30, 56
05. Mis pequeños secretos - 31, 57
06. Nura Skopljak - 32, 58
07. Livingbelowtheclouds - 33, 59
08. Nikolina - 34, 60
09. Lulu - 35, 61
10. Jess Maryy - 36, 62
11. Tjana Ba - 37, 63
12. Petra Black - 38, 64
13. Nadia de simone - 39, 65
14. Loredana Battista - 40, 66
15. Francesca - 41, 67
16. Ilaria Falco - 42, 68
17. Florinda - 43, 69
18. Justyna Sabat - 44, 70
19. Rosa Pi - 45, 71
20. Msevilla - 46, 72
21. Vanja Zivadonovic - 47, 73
22. Sarah Rizaga - 48, 74
23. Trillina Palemi - 49, 75
24. FannyVega - 50, 76
25. Deborah Tg - 51, 77
26. Milagros Gonzalez - 52, 78

We will know the winner with the last 2 numbers of the spanish lottery ONCE on Wednesday (October 22nd), in case that there isn't any winner the 2 first numbers would be taken to choose the winner.

Sabremos la ganadora con las dos últimas cifras del sorteo de la ONCE del miercoles, en caso de que no haya nadie cogeríamos las dos primeras cifras.

domingo, 19 de octubre de 2014

October Kawaii Box, yay

The cutest monthly Kawaii Subscription service Receive cute items from Japan and Korea every month

Every month they send you a box filled with a carefully selected mix of unique Japanese and Korean kawaii products.

Your box will be shipped in the beginning of each month, and the shipping is absolutely free, anywhere on the planet! It costs 18.90 USD, if you buy the items one by one it will be more expensive, so I recomend you to buy the whole box. Subscribing is 100% Safe & Secure. All payments are handled by PayPal, and you can easily cancel your subscription at any time.

Kitchen pink cloth - It's good for cleaning light dirt from surfaces throughout the home. You will smile while cleaning with it. You can also dry the dishes with it. It was something unexpected in the box and I love it, all the rooms and spaces should be cute in a home.

Jewelry stickers - They are 4 different sizes and 2 colours pink and purple. You can use them to decorate your mobilephone, your laptop, a book, a box...

Puffy stickers with different poses -  I like to put them in the wardrobes to make the house funnier.

Cute rabbit postcard with envelope - You can give it with a gift or send it to a friend or loved one with a special message to make him/her smile.

 Rilakkuma dessert charm  - He is a soft toy bear, it's made of squishy material. You can attack it to your bag, but don't eat it!

Adorable cat face plush charm - I love fluffy things like this charm. The elastic is very strong so it won’t break or come off easily, so don’t be afraid to attach it to your bag! After taking the pictures I put it hanging from my cute backpack with ears. 。◕‿◕。

Teddy sharpener - It has 2 holes so you can sharpen smaller and bigger pencils, it closes well so the dirt won't go out from it until you open it. It is adorable.

Pink pencil case - It has 2 zips. It is quite big and you can wear your pencils, pens, rubber, sharpener... or anything that you want. It is perfect to organize your things.

Hello Kitty dessert pen - It has Hello Kitty drawing. The pen writes very fluently and it is rollerball. The cap has 2 charms, one of Hello Kitty and the other is a donut in 2 colours.

The cute backpack with ears is from Tidebuy 。◕‿◕。
The cute items on the bag are from Kawaii Box  

2x sweeties hair ties/bobbles: You can use both of them in your hair and do two cute pony tails. You know that I love hair accesories and I will wear them often.

Punccho grapefruit sweeties: They are made in Japan, they have a unique texture. I have shared them with friends and they agree with me that they are tasty. Each sweet is wrapped. They are perfect to wear in your bag and when you feel hungry eat one.



miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2014

Suits and bags - Sheinside wishlist

Chic suits

I have few suits in my wardrobe, I would like to add some. I did this collague with 3 of the suits from
1. Green Letters Print Sweatshirt With Skirt: I would wear it during the day, if I don't have to go to an event, for an event the second one would be better. I think that is a cute, comfortable and funny suit. It's made of cotton and it's one size but fits most of the girls.
2. Black Sheer Mesh Yoke Floral Top With Polka Dot Skirt: It's available in 3 sizes: M, L and XL. It's perfect to go to work with style and to go to an event or dinner. You can also wear the skirt with another top and the top with jeans for example.
3. Pink Spaghetti Strap Letters Print Top With Ruffle Shorts: I would choose this to rest well and hug my teddy. I think that is a very cute suit. The material is modal.

Bag's queen

Bag's queen por enarasthings

The dress is also from Sheinside

1. White Chain Patent Leather Clutches Bag: It is not a very big bag but it's perfect for events. It is easy to combine. You can put the chain inside the bag or wear it with the chain.
2. White Leopard Print Zipper Clutches Bag: It is a trendy clutch. It is easier to combine that it seems, if you have any doubt you can ask me.
3. White Crocodile Gold Chain Bow Bag: I love it. It is lady style, it can match with different styles. It is perfect for vintage but not only for that. I love it with jeans, skirts, dresses...
4. Black Contrast Orange Trims PU Clutch Bag: I love it because its design. It is available in 4 colours. It is perfect for a suit. I would use it to go to work, to go to an event, to go to take coffee with friends....

Which is your wishlist?
¿Cuál es tu lista de deseos?

domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

Tidebuy's wishlist - Preppy style

Inspired by Midnight Garden: Abercrombie & Fitch Contest Entry

enarasthings featuring a flower print backpack

Tidebuy is a shop where you can buy almost everything that girls likes. There are clothes, accesories, sexy costumes, wings, shoes, bags, wings... and also electronics and bed clothes. I created an outfit with several things from there. I would like to get a total outfit from Tidebuy. This style is preppy.

Preppy, preppie, or prep (all abbreviations of the word preparatory) refer to a subculture in the United States associated with private university-preparatory schools.

Dentro de mi lista de deseos entraría un outfit completo de Tidebuy. Lo podría usar tal cual o cambiandole pequeñas cosas. En el collague el estilo es Preppy pero si le cambiamos los zapatos por unas bailarinas y en vez de mochila añadimos un bolso el estilo cambia bastante. Los zapatos podrían ir bien con unos pantalones, me gustan porque destacarían por su forma y los lazos.

It is a white tank top, free size,  the material is cotton, it has straps to ajust it. Es un niki blanco liso pero con el detalle en la tira con strass.


This skirt is perfect for school outfits, it's available in different colours: white, red, black, pink, rose, purple, yellow and dark blue. The material is cotton. La falda en color negro sería un básico, el rosa es el más lindo, el blanco es perfecto para el verano... cada color nos sirve para algo diferente.


They are perfect for a school outfit, graduation, everyday's outfit if you combine them with jeans... The material is PU. I recomend to wear them with tights or socks. Recomiendo llevar los zapatos con medias como las de la imagen o calcetines. Nos sirven tanto para un outfit preppy como para un outfit diario combinados por ejemplo con unos vaqueros.


Every preppy style outfit needs a backpack, in this case I have chosen this with flower print. It has big capacity, a place to put the laptop and also a big pocket. El estilo preppy necesita una mochila o sino un bolso del estilo sachel bag, en este caso he elegido esta mochila que tiene un compartimento para llevar el portatil.

sábado, 11 de octubre de 2014

Bathrooms in black, white and red

Bathrooms in black, white and red

Cotton shower curtain

John Robshaw shower curtain


101% Hidratación

Una opción cuando no somos muy atrevidos, pero tampoco demasiado serios y queremos darle algo de color al baño es añadir el color en los accesorios. A mí personalmente me encantan los colores blancos, negros, grises y rojos.

Desde Spcorazon me han enviado estos nuevos productos que tengo la oportunidad de enseñaros.

El ambientador con forma de corazón me ha encantado, normalmente los ambientadores que tenían en este formato tenían un olor excesivo y en este caso sin embargo el olor es suave y agradable. Sirve tanto para el coche como para las habitaciones.

I received the heart shaped fragancer from Spcorazon, I have liked it. Bombs cosmetic's page says about it: Get fruity with this sweet but zingy, blackcurrant fragrance! The juicy scents are enough to make your heart soar and spirits fly, so get blown away with a berry blast!

The necklace is from Born Pretty Store > here <

El jabón que viene en caja es de la marca Scottish Fine Soaps y es el jabón más suave que he probado en mi vida. Está hecho con leche y contiene vitaminas A y E.

The wonderfully creamy Triple milled Au Lait Soap contains soothing and protecting Shea Butter enriched with natural Vitamins A and E for exceptional smoothness. This softly cleansing Milk Soap enhanced with Milk Glycerides will gently nourish your skin, helping it to remain healthy, supple and smooth.

El gel limpia la piel delicadamente y contiene aloe vera para protegerla y contiene antioxidantes propios de la leche. Yo lo recomiendo, es un producto de una calidad superior a la media del mercado.
The Au Lait Cream Body Wash is gently cleansing, enriched with moisturising and hydrating Aloe Vera, and Anti-Oxidising Milk extract to leave your skin feeling refreshed and pampered. This Body Wash provides a rich creamy lather to for sumptuous bath time pampering.

jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014

Echopaul giveaway - Sorteo

Echopaul giveaway

Echopaul giveaway por enarasthings con fall centerpieces

I will remind you of Echopaul's giveaway, bellow is the link:

Os recuerdo el sorteo de Echopaul, os dejo arriba el link para que podáis apuntaros, he puesto las bases en español y si queréis visitar la tienda:


martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

Dreaming with titisclothing

dreaming with titisclothing

Hoy os voy a enseñar este precioso top de la nueva colección de Titisclothing. Os doy 3 ideas de como combinarlo: la primera la podéis ver en el collague, es un look romántico con falda rosa, la segunda es con unos vaqueros en este caso de tono gris pero cualquier tono de vaquero azul le iría bien, la segunda es con tonos naranjas y blancos, combina bien ya que el centro de las flores del top es en color naranja y la parte más exterior rosa.

> Top Kansas black <

Today I have stylish this awesome top in 3 different ways. It is from the Spanish brand Titisclothing. I hope that you like it. It is top quality and it has 2 embroidered flowers.

Normalmente suelo utilizar una M pero en este caso la talla es una S, como véis es bastante holgado. A mí me queda algo más ajustado que a la modelo, pero no pequeño, todo depende de como os guste llevarlo. Os voy a decir sus características: Es un top negro con dos flores bordadas con sus hojitas (bordado blume), la sisa es caída y el cuello es amplio (a mí personalmente me quedan mejor las tops con cuello amplio). Su composición es 94% poliester y 6% spandex. El largo de la talla S es 60 cm. Es una camiseta de la nueva temporada otoño-invierno, por ello es algo más gruesa que las prendas de verano. La calidad de Titisclothing es superior, realizan prendas pensadas para que duren varios años. Yo tengo un vestido de la marca de hace dos años y está en perfecto estado.
Top con bordado blume en delantero. sisa caída y cuello amplio. Tejido elástico con textura piqué. - See more at:
Top con bordado blume en delantero. sisa caída y cuello amplio. Tejido elástico con textura piqué. - See more at:
Top con bordado blume en delantero. sisa caída y cuello amplio. Tejido elástico con textura piqué. - See more at:
Top con bordado blume en delantero. sisa caída y cuello amplio. Tejido elástico con textura piqué. - See more at:

Top con bordado blume en delantero. sisa caída y cuello amplio. Tejido elástico con textura piqué. - See more at:

In the first outfit I am wearing the top Kansas black, grey jeans, flat black shoes and a turquoise bracelet from Iruneh, if the weather is windy I add to the outfit a red scarf. In the second outfit I am wearing the top Kansas black, orange shorts, brown belt, white shoes and a white bracelet from Iruneh.