lunes, 20 de julio de 2015

Lucluc bikini and bracelet

Enjoy $5.99 (original price $20.99) for 72H only!
Starts on 7/19/2015 at 12:00 am GMT
 Free shipping worldwide as usual.

Find the $5.99 Bikini

I started the post with the bikini offer because I think that you can't miss it if it suits you and you like it. I have two bikinis that are neon, it is one of my favorite colours for a bikini. I don't have dark skin and that colour looks great on me, white coloured bikinis usually are better for darker skins.

I received this nice bracelet from Lucluc. I chose it because I love the Indian inspiration. The name India is derived from Indus, which originates from the Old Persian word Hinduš.  It is the first bracelet that I have of this kind. Lucluc is a huge online shop and there are things of every kind. The best thing is that they always have free-shipping. They have special offers and sales. Sometimes they appear in the banner that I have in the right side of my blog and sometimes I post them.

Os enseño mi pulsera de Lucluc, me gusta mucho porque me inspira a la India, es la primera que tengo de este tipo, enlaza con el dedo. Nunca he visitado la India pero la verdad es que me encantaría, aunque dicen que la ropa allí se ensucia muy rápido y hace mucho calor. Es ajustable y fácil de poner. La conjuntaría con este conjunto de dos piezas (top y falda) por ejemplo para las más jovenes o que se sientan jovenes, también con este vestido para todas las edades. No me parece una pulsera muy barata, pero es bonita y la piedra piedra creo que es de verdad.

¿Tenéis alguna pulsera de este tipo?

Indian people follow me via Google+, I know more about that country thanks to them.

Have a nice day in all the parts of the world!


26 comentarios:

  1. Enara... the ring bracelet looks cute on you... Valentina would like these too ♡

  2. Precioso brazalete y el tono del vestido que nos enseñas más arriba es genial

  3. la pulsera me ha encantado!!
    un beso preciosa y que pases feliz semana ♥

  4. Great bracelet looks amazing on you :-D

    1. "Start at 7/19/2015 at 12:00 am GMT" should be "Starts on 7/19/15 at 12:00 am GMT."

      "I have two bikinis in neon colour, it is..." should be "I have two bikinis that are neon, it is..."

      Hope that helps you :-D

    2. Thank you dear! It helps me a lot. I have taken an English course this summer but I still do mistakes. xoxo

    3. Oh that's good. I've heard people saying that English is quite hard to learn!

      I struggled with French at school and the only language I am good at is sign language, for talking to deaf people. I enjoy that :-)

    4. That is very nice, I don't know sign language but I think that I wouldn't have many chances to use it. Good night kitty! (I say it as a friend)

  5. ¡Qué bonito todo!! El bikini tiene un color muy chulo y me encanta el detallle de la piedra turquesa en la pulsera :)
    Un beso guapa!!!

  6. Me he enamorado de la pulsera, que bonita!!!

  7. Que bonita y original la pulsera!! Un besito
    El blog de Sunika

  8. Me encanta la pulsera

  9. Amazing bikini and bracelet!:)

  10. Muy bonito el brazalete. Bss preciosa

  11. Me gustan ese tipo de pulseras, esa es muy bonita ^^
    Un beso!


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