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March Japan Crate

Today I will show you my Japan Crate! Japan Crate is a Japanese Candy Box plenty of original candies that is delivered monthly to your home.

Espero que os guste mi Japan Crate de Marzo, ha llegado repleta de dulces y chucherías, la verdad es que me ha encantado, ya sabéis desde hace tiempo que soy como una niña.

Three steps are enough:

1. Subscribe to Japan Crate.
2. They pack your crate.
3. Enjoy your goodies.

There are 3 kinds of subscriptions: mini, original and premium (best value). I highly recommend the premium one. The mini one costs $12, has between 4 and 6 items and it is half pound crate. The original one cots $25 and has between 8-10 items, it is one pound crate and 1 DIY kit is guaranteed. The premium one costs $30 and has between 12-14 items, includes drink, 1 DIY kit is guaranteed and 1 revolving bonus items (I loved the one of this month ).

I will show you the Premium one of March, I absolutely love everything from it. The mini one is nice to try it but you will want more candies and maybe you will regret not to buy the premium one.

(You can make the pictures biggers clicking on them)

Yuki no yado chips: These chips are salty and sweet at the same time, I ate them fast but I took a picture for you before, they are on the big bag, just in case you did not realize. The inspiration is the classic Japanese senbei (rice cracker). The name means "Snow Inn" as the frosting on the senbei is said to look like snow on an inn! Tienen un sabor muy especial, dulce y salado a la vez. Esta caja es una buena oportunidad para probar cosas nuevas.

Kusagai gummy: I received peach flavour. They are gluten free! that was nice for me because my mother could try them. One of them is hidden over the bag \(*^▽^*)/

Japan crate magazine: Includes DIYs and products information. You can read what happens in Japan in March, information about Japanese food. You can learn Japanese words and sentences. It includes manga as well ^^

Corn potage umaibo: This is a snack which tastes like the soup. Corn potage is popular soup in Japan, you can find it in restaurants and even vending machines. It did not last long. I love the flavour it was new for me. Soprendentemente el sabor me recordó a los espagetis japoneses que preparo yo en casa, pero creo que es por las especias asiáticas.

Teriyaki burger umaibo: Imagine a burger covered with teriyaki sauce and Japanese mayo packed into one crunchy snack!

Pizza umaibo: I think this a very innovative flavour, it is a cheesy delicious experience!


Sakupan land: In each bite, you'll get almond cream, caramel chocolate and dark chocolate with a "saku saku" (the Japanese sound effect for crunchy) biscuit. Each piece comes with a different Sakupanda face printed on it! As I said it is yummy! This is the bonus item, it has been a great choice! Sin duda han acertado con este producto.

Fue ramune: Each package includes 8 candies and a surprise toy which I have to open, I will show you it in my facebook and twitter so stay tunned! You can blow through the hole in the middle to create a loud whistling sound! ☆(◒‿◒)☆ super original

Choco Kinako Mochi DIY: Add water to your mochi, cover in chocolate and kinako, then enjoy! But it is better you do it in your home over a table instead of outside, one of them fell in the ground and I lost it :S

Yaokin Roll Candy Green apple: This review doesn't end here you will see pictures of the products that are not opened here in my facebook and twitter. Unroll it and enjoy a long, chewy fruit experience.

Yaokin Roll Candy Strawberry: This a long strawberry tape! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Pine-ame gummy: These pineapple flavored gummy rings will transport you to a tropical paradise! Each pack comes with 5 gummy pineapple "slices". I can promise that they are yummy jellies!

(7 sticks description under other picture)

Monster stamp candy: An interactive candy that you can use to stamp fun monster shapes. You can use it and then eat the whole thing when you're done! They are hard at the first moment but yummy! They are cola flavour.

Foruta dodeka bar: It is a 25cm (almost 10 inches!) corn puff bar covered in milk chocolate! I loved it! It is a crunchy bar. You can see how long it is in the pictures. Por dentro es como una galleta esponjosa y está cubierta de chocolate╰(◡‿◡✿╰)

7 stick choco cream: I broke the one you see in the picture so you could see chocolate cream. They are seven crunchy wafer sticks filled with yummy chocolate cream, you know I love chocolate  Aunque se pueden romper están deliciosos, merece la pena probarlos.

Sangaria ume soda: Japanese plum blossoms are a sign that spring has arrived. Take a sip of this refreshingly sweet soda and say goodbye to winter wellcome spring!

If you like the Japan crate as much as I do
you can subscribe here!


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  1. Me encantan estas cajitas. Me parecen muy divertidas.


  2. la verdad viene genial esta cajita!!! esta todo buensimo

  3. Oye qué rinconcito de flores más chulo que tienes.
    Estas cajitas me hacen gracia, pero me parecen caras.

  4. Que chulada me pirran estas cajas besos

  5. They sure look yummy and sweet.

  6. Qué curiosa la cajita con lo que me gustan las chuches y snacks. Un besito
    el blog de Sunika

  7. A los niños les pirran este tipo de cositas.

  8. I've never eaten such sweets (in typically Japan packages).

  9. Que chula la caja, tiene que estar todo riquísimo!

  10. La verdad es que me hizo muchísima ilusión <3

  11. Que graciosa la caja! Tiene todo una pinta increíble :)

  12. que buena pinta tiene todo!! son geniales estas cajas!
    Un besote enorme!!


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