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What to put in a tote bag - Born Pretty Store

What to put in a tote bag

What to put in a tote bag por enarasthings con wall vinyls home decor

In the tote bag I have put several things but my favorites are the accesories from Born Pretty Store.

1.  Colorful Elastic Phone Wire Strap Ponytail Holder - Bracelet - They are in several colours but the colour will be a surprice, they are all nice. It cost only 0.99 USD, less than one euro. I wanted to try it. It's a Must Have between teenangers, it is nice for me as well although I'm not a teenanger. He pedido este coletero que sirve de pulsera a la vez, si queréis verlo más grande pinchad en el link, también hay más colores disponibles, tenía muchas ganas de probarlo, ¿lo habéis visto en la calle vosotros también?

2. Vintage Elegant Camellia Flower Rhinestone Design Necklace - This necklace is romantic and cute, I think that it's perfect for winter because it reminds me the white colour of the snow and also for summer when I wear tons of white dresses. Now at discount it costs only 4.39 USD from its original cost 5.91 USD. Este collar blanco con flores me pareció muy especial, me recuerda al blanco de la nieve, creo que es romántico, aunque ahora no creo que vaya a nevar. Si hacéis click en el link podéis ver a Sarah Rizaga con el de color blanco y Miriam Pérez con el de color negro (el de color negro en éste momento está todo vendido).

3. Gothic necklace in white - In the Jewelry and Accesories section there are gothic necklaces that can make your look different. If you click in the name you can see 13 different necklaces. I chose the white one thinking that it will be perfect for snowy days, on the other hand you can feel like a bride or a princess with it and it is also good for a masquerade. There are also gothic bracelets, earrings, ear cuff, rings, ankle bracelets. En la sección de Joyería y accesorios encontraréis cosas de todos los estilos, yo he pedido para mí el collar blanco con la rosa, no tenía nada de este estilo y me pareció muy especial, tiene una máscara colgando y podemos pensar en un baile de máscaras al verlo, el blanco nos puede recordar a una novia o incluso a la nieve.

All these necklaces cost the same, 4.76 USD without discount but you can get a 10% off discount if you use my code. There are more gothic necklaces at the same price and others with different prices.

The sponges and scarf are also from Born Pretty Store.

I love Born Pretty Store because you can find each style that you imagine for a good price.

If you want to get the accesories, the sponges or anything from the Born Pretty Store, you can use 
my code to get 10% off: PEZT10
Si queréis comprar los accesorios, las esponjas o cualquier cosa en Born Pretty Store podéis utilizar mi código para conseguir un
10% de descuento sobre artículos no rebajados: PEZT10

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  2. I like tote bags... they are stylish way to carry most any item you need... really good post Enara.. have a fun weekend ahead ♡

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  4. Nice selection and proposal !!!


  5. me encanta tu seleccion y el bolso es una monada <3
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  6. nice post!

  7. Nice post :-D Nice items I like the choker :-)

  8. Me encanta el bolso! Besos guapa!

  9. cute and nice tips.. new post on blog now..

  10. Bellissima collezione!

  11. Oh such colors! This reminds me, I probably need a new tote bag...

  12. I love BPS with all my heart!

  13. I like posts like this :D I really need a tote bag :D

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  17. Una seleccion muy acertada..los complementos me encantan!!

  18. Those lace chokers are fabulous! So gothic and glam, great picks!
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    Peace. Love. LOL!

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  19. Gracias pro compartir siempre descubro cosas interesantes, el coletero me ha encantado, voy a curiosear.
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