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White and pink items from Born Pretty Store

I will show you the white necklace and the pink ponytail holder and bracelet that I received in less than 3 weeks from Born Pretty Store - Jewelry and Accesories section. White and pink is a combination that I use often. This time I used the ponytail holder as a bracelet.
If you want to get the necklace, the ponytail holder or other thing from Born Pretty Store you can use my code to get 10% off: PEZT10. If the item has already a discount it won't apply. The necklace costs 4.39USD and the ponytail holder costs 0.99USD just now.

Necklace Vintage Elegant Camellia Flower Rhinestone Design: 
Colorful Elastic Phone Wire Strap Ponytail Holder Hair Band Rope Bracelet

Las primeras fotos las saqué antes de salir de casa en la cocina. Llevo el collar camelia en color blanco de Born Pretty Store, el coletero rosa que también pertenece a la seccion de Joyería y accesorios de Born Pretty Store y la falda de Personaling. Los tonos que he elegido no son nada complicados para combinar.

The necklace is made of alloy and the flowers are painted in white with a rhinestone in the center. The lenght of the chain with flowers are 22.5cm and the lenght of the simple chain is 33cm. The black colour is out of stock but the white colour is available. The white one looks great with winter clothes, because it reminds me of the snow. I also love to wear it with summer clothes, in summer I usually wear lighter colours than in autumn. In my opinion you will look different and stylish with it.

Seguro que habéis visto pulseras que sirven de coletero como estas, sobre todo a las niñas, ésta en concreto cuesta menos de un euro, a mí me encantó el color, tiene unas pequeñas mariposas en color azul, rosa y blanco y unos pequeños gatitos azules, pero desde lejos parece toda rosa. Esta cuesta 78 centimos de euro y el collar cuesta 3,48 euros, me parecen unos buenos precios para estos productos.

Colorful Elastic Phone Wire Strap Ponytail Holder Hair Band Rope Bracelet: The name gives us an idea of how it is, it seems a phone wire. It is made of rubber and it is elastic. It can be used as a bracelet and as a ponytail holder. It is easy and simple to use and it won't hurt scalp when adusting the hair. The color will be shipped at random. I loved this colour and I would like to have it in more colours. I like to have ponytail holders in my bags so I can use them when I need it. My hair ponytail holder has small butterflies in blue, green, pink and white and also cute cats in light blue, but if you see it in the distance it looks pink.

Upload your buyer show on Instagram, tag Born Pretty Store us @bornprettystore and hastag #bornprettystore, then you will have a chance to get some free gifts worth 10 USD. Born Pretty Store will pick at least 3 costumers each day.

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  1. Enara this is an adorable necklace, I love it ♡ ... I use pony holders as bracelets sometime too :-)

  2. Que bonito look. Me encantan el collar y la falda.

  3. Love that necklace :)

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  4. The floral necklace is such a cute piece!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  5. Q monada de collar!! :D

    Bsos ChicAdicta

  6. love the necklace

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  7. Ay como me gusta el collar cito! Me parece monisimo. Un beso grande guapa!

  8. The hair tie is really pretty and a wonderful alternative to a usual scrunchie! :)
    - I follow back on bloglovin' -


  9. Love your outfit! So stylish!

  10. Hola preciosa!!! que bonito el collar, pero sobre todo me encanta esa falda <3 :)
    un besoteee enormee reina!!!

  11. qué bonito collar
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  13. El collar me encanta, ya solo por representar a las camelias me ha gustado y además es sencillo pero muy bonito.
    La falda que llevas me ha encantado.

  14. la falda es genial.Un besazo

  15. El collar es muy bonito y como dices los precios no están nada mal. Un besito
    El blog de Sunika

  16. El collar me ha encantado! precioso!



    Apiece of me blog

  17. que chulo el collar, me encnata. Bss

  18. Me encanta este collar! besos!

  19. This is really pretty and I like the bracelet too :-) Looks great on you :-)

  20. Me ha encantado la faldita :D

    Eva ♥

  21. El collar es precioso!

  22. Es monísimo el collar.
    Besos guapa!

  23. The necklace is so cute! I haven't heard of Born Pretty but sounds like a really lovely website worth checking out.

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. It has a lot of things and in a good price, I recommend you the shop. xoxo

  24. Really pretty necklace, I love it!

    x vonyll

  25. El collar es precioso y la falda te sienta realmente bien. ¡Buena combinación! un beso de parte del equipo de Personaling.

    "Encuentra los productos que mejor te sientan en Personaling; Tu personal shopper online."

  26. The necklace is superb..Lovely post..Keep In touch sweetie..hugs
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