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Japan Candy Box with giveaway! - Sorteo

In Japan Candy Boxes I find candies that are impossible or almost impossible to find in Spain where I live. It is the sweetest monthly Japanese candy subscription box. You can subscribe and receive a box filled with 8-10 hand-picked quirky candies and snacks from Japan, delivered directly to your home (anywhere of the planet) every month. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ


In the first picture you can see my favorite from this box: Fujiya Milky Peko X Sanrio Chocolate, super cute and delicious chocolates, half milk chocolate and half pastel pink strawberry chocolate. They have all your favorite Sanrio characters in them. I took the picture after eating some of them, the box was full! But they did not last long at home. (n˘v˘•)¬

In the second picture you can see Hi-Chew Cola Flavored Chewy Candies, they come individually wrapped, you can share them with your friends or all can be for you. They are perfect to bring to school or to work. ★~(◡﹏◕✿)

The Kabaya Karipori Candy Sticks box has six small packages inside and each package includes two candy sticks, half of them are cola flavored and half of them are grape soda flavored. I recommed eating the whole package you open. (◕‿-)

Bourbon Petit Grilled Pizza Rice Crackers taste like a real pizza! It was a surprise for me, they are yummy and salty! It is the perfect snack for the mountain, beach or for watching a TV serie. @(ᵕ.ᵕ)@

These Calbee Sapporo Potato Vegetables Snacks are made from real Sapporo potatoes. These snacks are light and doesn't include any oil. It is perfect if you like healthy, light and yummy snacks.


The Coris Cola & Soda Soft Candy is a rope shaped candy that has two layers, one tastes like cola and the the other like soda! We have similar ones in Spain and I buy them often, when I want to treat myself ^_^


Kracie Sea Animals DIY Gummy Kit is a Do-It-Yourself set for creating your own multi-colored soda-flavored sea world full of gummy animals! Mix the materials to create your own color combinations! It comes with all the needed things.

You can see Meiji Mountain Chocolate Cookies on sand, outside their crunchy biscuit heart they have a layer of sweet chocolate - milk chocolate. They have been sold in Japan for over 20 years!
The Meiji Mini Grape Gummies are colored like real sweet grapes, they are easy to eat ;)
The Kasugai 100% Fruit Juice Gummies are so soft and extremely juicy! They are made from 100% pure fruit juice with no artificial colors or flavors! My flavour is grape but they are 5 different ones.

I loved everything from the box!

If you like my box I invite you to join the giveaway, you can win one Japan Candy box, don't miss it! I have to thank to Japan Candy Box for giving me this chance, I know you all love the box. Follow the steps, you get one entry each step you do.

Os invito a participar en el sorteo de una cajita, suelen ser cosas originales, os la recomiendo si queréis hacer un regalo especial, a personas que le guste tanto lo dulce como lo salado. Podéis conseguir entradas por cada paso que deis.

La empresa es la responsable del envío.

And the winner is Joanna! 

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  1. Hola guapa¡¡ Estupendo sorteo y deseando probarlos
    Gracias y Suertee

  2. Que delicia. Bss guapísima.


  3. Qué cosas más curiosas encuentras!!!!

  4. Apuntada, a ver si hay suerte. Gracias por el sorteo!

  5. I didn't know Japan made good candy... interesting to know... it looks tasty xox

  6. Apuntada. :-) Muchas gracias por el sorteo.


  7. Muchas gracias, participo encantada

  8. Sounds like you got some great goodies with the box, Ena.

  9. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  10. Menudo sorteazo Enara :)

    Sigo una dieta un pelin estricta y casi nunca tomo dulces así que le dejo al oportunidad a alguien que la disfrute más que yo.

    Un besito enormísimo solete y disfruta del finde ! :D

  11. Me apunto!! A ver si me toca una cajita de estas que son tan divertidas...

  12. Muchas gracias cielo apuntada al sorteo, suerte chicas¡

  13. me encanta tu sorteo!!! muchas gracias y a ver si hay suerte!!!

  14. Apuntada a ver si hay suerte. besos

  15. This box is really amazing ! Thank you for this review. Kisses :)

  16. Apuntada. No he visto nunca una caja así :).



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