jueves, 1 de junio de 2017

My first experience with Tosave

Good morning everyone! Today I will show you the products I ordered in Tosave. I ordered a swim cap for long hair! I already had a silicone swim cap to go to the spa or swimming pool but it was not for long hair. There are 7 colours to choose and I chose the purple one but it seems pink for me, the other colours are: purple, pink, gray, azure, black, red and dark blue. The size is 25x20cm. With this swim cap you can keep warm when swimming in winter. In the webpage they say that the striking colour helps to research for rescuers, I hope I don't need any rescuer. The ear cup reduces the preassure. The material is silicone, soft, water proof and non toxic. It is a large size so it even fits for long hair people. You should dry inside and out with a towel immediately after use.

Hoy os enseño mi primer pedido a Tosave: un gorro de ducha ideal para pelo largo como es mi caso, una sudadera de helado con pompones que se pueden extraer y una bufanda de cuadros suave. De la sudadera me pedí una talla XL porque talla pequeño, hay diferentes colores y también un modelo con cerezas. La bufanda la utilizaré sobre todo en invierno aunque nunca se sabe, me ha gustado las medidas que tiene.

In addition I ordered an ice cream sweatshirt. I ordered a XL size because the sizes of this item are small. For the XL size bust is 106cm/41.7'', sleeve 61cm/ 24.0'' and length 63cm/24.8''. It is availabe in 6 different colours and there is one with cherries as well. The material is polyester and you can take the pompoms off. It looks very nice although I usually prefer cotton.

The material of the scarf is wool blend, it is warm, comfortable and soft to the skin. It has a plaid pattern. The size is 200x60cm / 78.7''x23.6'' It is the right size for a scarf ;)

There is a small change in my blog, I will write sizes in centimetres and inches, before I used to write them only in centimetres.

They recommend me to check this webpage WeaveHairPlus about hair.

Have a nice day and weekend!

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  1. yo sigo esperando lo que pedí en febrero

  2. Tienes un montón de cosas!
    Un besito!

  3. Me ha encantado el suéter, qué bonito!
    Un beso!

  4. Que chulo el jersey de helado, muy original, me mola!

  5. No conocía la tienda tendré que pasar a curiosear. Un beso

  6. El jersey del helado lo he visto en alguna tienda y es bonito

  7. Me encanta la sudadera del helado! besos

  8. Aquí abajo ya estamos en tirantes y pantalón corto. Da gusto ver tu manga larga. Besos

  9. Me encanta el suéter con pompones.

  10. Que mona la sudadera y la bufanda también me gusta mucho, aún no he comprado en esta página, echaré un vistazo, besos!!

  11. Nice stuff. Liking the sweater and you look great in the purple skirt :-D xx


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