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Happy New Year 2018: Different ways to enjoy it, products from Rosewholesale

Beach Throw With Mandala

¡Buenas tardes! Me imagino que gran parte de vosotr@s estaréis de vacaciones, algunos en lugares cálidos y otros en lugares fríos. Hoy os enseño dos productos de Rosewholesale para disfrutar de la naturaleza, por un lado del mar y por otro de la montaña.

Hello dears! Are you on holidays? Are you enjoying these days? We celebrate Christmas here. It is not my favourite season but I will stay with family and friends, although some of the friends are far away. This year I met in London my favourite friend: Ananka. In that travel I bought both, the towel and the backpack.

I ordered a 2XL size of this throw. There are several sizes available, I wanted the biggest, just in case I lay down with my partner, the measurements of this one in cm are: 175cm length x 148cm width. The material is polyester. It has bright colours. It is a good size for two and also for one if you like having a lot of space for you in the beach.

Multi Zips Nylon 45L Mountaineering Backpack

The backpack that I ordered is available in 3 colours: black (the one that I have), deep blue and purple. It has a good size for travels, it is quite big: 34x16x55cm. Its capacity is of 45l. That size is perfect to travel by plane if you can only bring hand luggage. I used it to go to London, there I met my best friend Ananka, she is a Scotland blogger. This backpack is made of water-resistant nylon which should be durable and it is anti-scratch and very lightweight. In order of wearing it in a correct position it has chest and hips belt, for fixing the bag to your body tightly. It has breathable and soft pad in the back and straps, it makes more comfortable wearing it and you will be able to carry heavy stuff without suffering. It has several pockets to classify different items. It has adjustable straps for your different needs.

I think it is a good a cheap option so I recommend to buy it.

Have great days!
Zoriontsu izan!
¡Disfrutad estos días! 

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