martes, 28 de agosto de 2018

Beach look Berrylook

Hello dears! Today I will speak you about BerryLook, it is a shop of women's clothing online where I have found all the clothes that I need for this summer. What do you usually do in summer? If it is sunny and the temperatures are high I usually go to the beach. If it is cloudy I usually stay at home or go to a restaurant to have lunch in order to do something different. Today it will be beach day and maybe mountain day, for the mountain I need new clothes, I have ordered leggings and I will visit fashion hoodies section now.

I have chosen black and yellow bikinis because I think they are trendy colours and that they usually look good on our skin. I usually wear light clothes to the beach, sheer ones, light dresses, kimonos...

Egunon! ¡Buenos días! ¿Está siendo un verano típico o atípico para vosotr@s? Hoy os enseño una selección de prendas que me han gustado de Berrylook aunque como siempre lo mejor es decidir cada uno lo que más le gusta aunque se pueda dejar aconsejar un poco, sobre todo para salir de dudas. A veces no viene mal una segunda opinión sobre todo de gente que está rodeada de moda y nos puede guiar un poco, incluso en tema de tallas, ya que hay prendas que se pueden llevar más estrechas o más anchas de lo habitual. Los bikinis los suelo elegir con aro porque me sientan mejor, le dan forma al pecho, pero por ejemplo a una persona que no tenga mucho pecho le quedaría bien un bikini con forma de triángulo. Os animo a visitar la tienda.

You can find more women's clothing online, when the cold arrive you may need to visit women's trench coats section and for extra 5% off on everything you can use the code: SALE5

Did you know this shop? Which are your favourite items?

martes, 14 de agosto de 2018

Banggood wishlist - Agradables sorpresas de Banggood

Hello dears! Today I will show you items from Banggood which is a shop that I know quite well. The last time I ordered these leggings which I love, maybe I will ordered them in other colour in the future. They have free shipping in most items which I like. Today I will show you different things. In the first picture I have showed you a jumpsuit but there are more in the Jumpsuits section. In this shop you can find all kind of clothes for women, men and babies, even the ones that are difficult to find anywhere else, such as, a high waisted maxi skirt.

36 Colors Pure Colors UV Gel For Nail Extension

If you love the nail polishes and you are an addict you can find a lot in this shop, there is the DANCINGNAIL section that has a good selection of nail art tools, equipment and nail art designs. I paint my nails but I don't often change them, but I do like the nail art kit and I have some of them.

In summer the kind of bag that I use more often is the canvas crossbody bag, because I find it comfortable. However, to go to the school I use vintage backpacks. What kind of bags do you usually use? I like to have different colours bags to wear with different clothes. On the other hand the next present I buy it could be a Yazole watch.

The last picture is of the sexy tank tops section, investing few money you can have several new tank tops and be always pretty and trendy everywhere.

Do you like my selection? What would you buy?

Check the Banggood APP, I enjoy checking it in my spare time.

jueves, 9 de agosto de 2018

Online Fashion Retailer Newchic Celebrates its 4th Anniversary with Huge Rewards for Customers

Newchic, a leading cross-border online fashion retailer, is celebrating its 4th anniversary since its launch. The outlet has amazing offers for customers during the celebration period.  You can log onto Newchic’s website to see the amazing offers lined up for you. Newchic’s 4th anniversary celebrations have been divided into three parts, running from July 27th to August 11th 2018.
Warm-up Sale (July 27th – August 7th)
Newchic’s 4th Anniversary Sale  kicks off with a warm-up sale that will allow customers to enjoy various discounts as they wait for the main celebration. The warm-up sale highlights the game of gift box collection for discount hunting. From July 27th, Newchic fans and followers have different ways to find the surprise gift box and win big prizes by sharing on Facebook, E-mail subscription and searching on the product page. That is not all, as the days go by, you will get access to even more deals. The best part is that you can chose special savings packages for different categories, including fashion, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. It is not surprising for customers to find heavy discounts like Buy One Get One 50% off for shoes and men’s fashion or 60% Off for women’s fashion. You only need to know what you need most to get the best out of this offer.

72 Hrs Shopping Party (August 8th – 10th)  
This will be the height of Newchic’s 4th anniversary celebrations. This is the time when shoppers will get the deals of a lifetime. There will be discounts on all bestselling products and latest arrivals, up to 67% and 55% respectively. To make things even better, Newchic allows people to get bonuses on all the purchases that they make. You will get more bonus when you buy more and the biggest bonus is $100 for each $399 purchase.
Customers, both new and old, will get their own discounts. 60$ coupon in total is ready for new friends to grab. As for VIP customers, they will get special offers with prices of some items dropped to only $1.99. The most exciting part is that Newchic will randomly choose 4 lucky customers to enjoy free orders.There are some other featured events such as Up to 60% Off Flash Deal and Up to 20% Off Brand Feast. With different types of saving packages for different groups in this shopping carnival, there is always one option fit for you.

Thanks and Reward (August 11th)    
As the anniversary celebration come to a close, you will not walk away without getting your rewards. Of course, the company has to show gratitude to their customers, and this is the time to reap your rewards. They come in the form of points which you can redeem, $200 gift cards which you can share with your friends, and $50-$90 coupons to enhance the shopping experiences. To make things even more exciting, you have a change to get a free gift which is also branded. It is all meant to ensure that your loyalty as a customer does not go unappreciated.

Established in 2015, Newchic has won the royalty and support from customers around the world within a short time. Based in China, Newchic is devoted to provide chic and cost-effective fashion goods for all the customers worldwide. Until October 2017, Newchic has 2 millions of registered members and tripled its sale of 2016. So far, it has provided fashion products for the customers from 180 countries. Newchic’s vision to make fresh fashion affordable worldwide and become a leader in online fashion retailing.