viernes, 21 de junio de 2019

My choice - Mi selección

Hello dears! Today I will show you a selection of clothes, accesories and shoes from Banggood. Banggood is an online shop where you can find almost everything that you imagine. I have bought several times in Banggood, everytime the experience has been good, you can check previous posts if you want to see the items that I ordered.

¡Buenas tardes! Hoy os voy a enseñar una selección de prendas de Banggood. Como ya sabéis no es la primera vez que hago un pedido a la tienda, podéis ver en entradas anteriores las prendas de pedidos anteriores. La experiencia siempre ha sido positiva, los pedidos llegan por Correos, los gastos de envío son gratuitos en la mayoría de los casos y no suelen tardar mucho.

I like looking at cheap handbags,  because they are cheap and beautiful at the same time, indeed I think I need a new handbag or two ;) I like also the vintage backpacks, they are comfortable to bring many things. If you want something different you can check an holographic backpack.

On the other hand who doesn't want comfy shoes to walk for hours? In Banggood are many options but I liked these red ones.

Besides you can find items to look slimmer. This is a slimming vest that helps you being slim. It can be used in sports, yoga, for dating and so on. It can promote weight reduction in both sports and work.It tights the abdomen to reduce appetite and therefore control food intake. The neoprene material can help you sweating quickly and burning fat and calories during exercise, making weight-loss more effectively.

You can find sexy blouses and tops like the one of the picture that shows girl's shoulders, I love that kind of tops. You can complete your look with sexy stockings.

On the other hand if you need decoration items for your home or you want to give a present to someone I recommend you the Digital Wall Clock.

Do you often buy at Bangood?