miércoles, 31 de mayo de 2023

Waistdear, shapewear, sportwear and more


Hello dears! Today I will show you a new shop for me but full of nice products, products that will make you sexy. Nice clothes of your size makes always feel you good and these clothes will make you feel even better because they control parts of your body such as your tummy. I know that we have to accept as we are but it does not me that we should not try to change if we want to change.

My body changed a lot since I became a mother and I always miss the body that I had before. I do not think about it all the time, I do not have time to think about that, I have more important things to do, be with my son, go to work, do chores... but when I am going to dress for the day or try what I will dress I get disappointed because now my weight is higher and I do not look the same than years ago.

In order to feel better I use shapewear during the weekends or when I want to look better, it makes to feel better. I do not use it everyday so I see the difference between using it or no. 

On the other hand I like doing sport but I really do not have time for it and a diet does not make me feel better because, going on a diet is a huge effort for me but using shapewear is easier.


Waistdear is a wholesale shapewear suppliers . They have the kind of clothes that I like and the items and in more than one colour, muy favorite colour is black because it makes me feel more slim but I do not dress in black everyday it would be boring for me. Here we can find other colours like blue, brown, green, apricot... I usually choose clothes that make hide my tummy, I am happy with the rest of my body, for example having big breasts is not a problem for me.

If you are looking for comfortable clothes like seamless body shaper here you can find plenty of options. I often choose seamless items but another times no. This shop has another good thing, they have many sizes in each item. I usually do not have problems to find items of my size, I use L or XL but for example if you are 3XL or bigger like 5XL in waistdear there are items for you and if you are S too.

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