jueves, 25 de agosto de 2011

Award from Erika (Fashion Herbal Soup)

I received a award from Erika.
The first thing that I have to say is that Erika has a amazing blog, with the name of Fashion Herbal Soup.  I like her blog because she chooses good pictures for her blog and I like her writings like: What's in my bag? and she answers to followers.

I have to answer some questions...
- Favourite colour:  Blue like sea and sky.
- Favourite song:  Too many!!! But now I would choose Back to Black of Amy Winehouse
- Favourite dessert:  All.
- What pisses you off:  People who say what do you have to do all the time.
- When you're upset you:  Listen to some soothing music, be alone, read a good book.
- Your favourite pet:  I don't have.
- Black or white:  Black.
- Your biggest fear:  The death.
- Best feature:  I really love the people.
- Everyday attitude:  Very often it's difficult to me to be positive.
- What is perfection:  Anything is perfect as long as you believe and work hard on it :) (It's the answer of Erika but it's perfect for me) I would say that it's difficult to get the perfection and that it's relative.
- Guilty pleasure: Too many to say.

Here goes the 7 random things about me:
1) I like to travel.
2) I love the life.
3) I love the rain.
4) I would like to spend more time with my mum and sister.
5) I speak basque.
6) I love collecting books, I have a lot.
7) I'm shy, but sometimes I speak a lot.

I want to spread the love and award with these bloggers, I only can choose 15 blogs: Mundo de Alicia (My first follower), No me mires (fashion, beauty,Mallorca, DIY and another things), Jewel Style, CrispiTinaa (she knows a lot about beauty), Neusica (an artist), Petit trastos, Pop Blush (the best videos of beauty), Coco and Vera (fashion blog with style), Live Life in Style, Eline (young and good writer), FashionablyNumb (fashion writer, you will laugh reading and he has good pictures), Must Have (two girls, one blog), Cosa mi metto??? (the best bags and good pictures of places), Mi armario y mi tocador son un mercadillo (natural) and Only one (an artist).

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  1. Congratulations dear! You totally deserve these awards because ur blog is so lovely! :)


  2. Hola!
    Gracias por comentar!
    A q americaba te refieres? Últimemente las americanas son mis bloggers favoritas.


  3. Hola guapaa!!! jo es una pena lo que me comentas de la beauty party que te queda lejos.. sí una hora debe ser bastante cansado, yo estoy media hora y ya me cansa, pero es que me hace ilusión a ver si puedo ir :D
    Muchas felicidades por el premio recibido :D y te agradezco mucho que me hayas escogido para pasármelo^^
    Y también gracias por las recomendaciones :) no había visto tu entradita. De nivea usé una limpiadora pero me daba escozor en la cara.. de Mary kay no he probado nada aunque me suena que mi madre antes compraba esta marca, le preguntaré :)


  4. Congrats dear!! & thanks a lot for giving it to me too :) I love to get to know you better. Blue is my favorite color too & I love to travel as well ;) Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

  5. Muchas felicidades por el premio:)


  6. Hola! Jajaja me vi! Muchas gracias! Sabes que pasa? Que yo de ingles poco eh? Hello y poquito mas..!! Así que de lo que pones poco entiendo..

  7. gracias cieloo lo publicamos enseguida!!

    Mil besos



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