lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Born Pretty Store Jewellery and Hair Decorations

I'm looking for some items for Christmas and I don't want something expensive. Here I'm going to show you some items that I have found in Born Pretty Store. I'm going to show you my favorites.

Lovely Pink Gemstone Bead Sweetie Heart Girls Hair Tie Ponytail

You can use it to do a ponytail, for all the ages.
I like it with black dresses, but I would also wear with pink, white. beige dresses...
You can wear in Christmas and in another seasons, this also happens with the other items that I have chosen.

Brown Beautiful Jewellery Alloy Rhinestones Bracelet

It's a bracelet with rhinestones to wear in your hand when you want to look pretty.
I like this bracelet for black, golden, yellow... dresses and also to wear with a t-shirt or blouse, trousers and heels.

Blue Fashion Heart-shaped and Flower Crystal Dangled Earrings

They are earrings to wear in your ears during the day or also at night.
I like this earrings for blue, silver, white... dresses and also to wear with trousers and t-shirt or blouse with flats or heels.

Click in the image if you want to know these items and more.
Born Pretty Nail Art

What do you think about them?

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