martes, 22 de abril de 2014

Parrots heart

Parrots heart 

Parrots heart por enarasthings

Last week, I found this brand, I liked the items, I also imagined me in a pyjamas like that (I'm a girl).
There are lovely items for a boyfriend.
Me gustaron estos artículos como para hacer un regalo y cree este set, espero que os guste.

You can also find them in > Facebook< También están en Facebook

I edited this post to post a song:
Enjoy the day!!

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  1. really cute

  2. Enara, thank you for posting this song... I love Adele and I had not heard this one... the words are perfect for what I want to say...

    I have the best people following me and you are one of them that I am always happy to see post and comment... Thank you again :)


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