martes, 6 de mayo de 2014

Inside&Outside (my) wardrobe

Inside&Outside (my) wardrobe
Main dress, shoes and bag - Vestido central, zapatos y bolso 
earrrings - pendientes

Shelving furniture
$1,515 -

Teak wood furniture

Normann Copenhagen Hang On wall hanger, black
$110 -

Clos-ette Too Signature Slim Shirt Hanger with Bar, Set of 10

The other dress, shorts and jacket are from

 The best clothes are inside my wardrobe well kept and outside I have anothers that I have used or I may use, but I don't like to have the special clothes outside for long.

¡Mis prendas favoritas están dentro del armario!

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  1. Enara, I love the pumps... really cute and they would go with a lot of items :)

    I have been alone for a very long time... almost 10 years except for the short time I date my 'D'... I don't like being alone and now that I am 50 it isn't any better... oh well...

    I am trying to be patient but it's not easy, I do know that I do not want any jerks... I would rather be alone that way... maybe that is what will happen...

    Have a great day Enara :)

  2. tengo unas ganas horrorosas de unos zapatos en ese color!

  3. Love the clutch! Nice.

  4. Que vestido tan mono!!! me gusta mucho.
    Un besazo guapa!!!

  5. cute things inside your wardrobe. love the dress!

  6. Such a lovely dress!

  7. love shoes and clutch

  8. ¡me encanta el vestido! Besos rojos por doquier!!

  9. Me encanta el vestido.
    Te sigo, me sigues?

    Un beso

  10. que ideal vestido, me ha encantadoo!



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