lunes, 19 de octubre de 2015

Wishlist Dresslink


I hope you like my wishlist from Dresslink. I do need a backpack to go to school and another for cute days. Cute items make me smile a lot. I don't have a lot of them but I have more that I had few years ago. I like both of the backpack of the collagues but I like a lot of more things from Dresslink too. Bags are always useful and I liked the bag that is available in different colours from the first collague. The bracelet which is available in different colours reminds you the phone calls, it vibres around your wrist, you won't miss a phone call with it and you won't lose your phone either. The slippers are always a good gift, I always have several of them at home, when someone comes to home I can lend them to them.

There are clothes, bags, shoes, accesories, sexy lingerie... We can find in the shop belly rings and other kind of jewelry. There are as well children's clothes and items.

There are things with free-shipping and anothers without it. You can check the reviews of other buyers if you have doubts before buying anything.

Espero que os guste la selección de Dresslink, me imagino que algun@s de vosotr@s ya habréis hecho algún pedido en la tienda. Si queréis podéis contarme vuestra experiencia en los comentarios.

I hope you like the selection.
Have a great week!


23 comentarios:

  1. The backpacks are really cute Enara... I would totally choose the lime green one xox ♡

  2. Respuestas
    1. Have to agree cute things also make me smile too :-D

      "more that I had few years ago" should be "more than..." - a typo I often make as well ;-)

      "I like both of the backpack of the collagues" should be "I like both of the backpacks in each of the collages" or "I like both of the backpacks in each collage"

      Few spelling errors.. "collague" should be "collage" and "accesories" should be "accessories"

  3. Qué monas las mochilas. Un besito
    el blog de Sunika

  4. Respuestas
    1. Tienen muchísimas mochilas, te recomiendo echar un vistazo :)

  5. I love the vegan bag!!!


  6. Los morrales estan geniales y que super precio tienen. Besotes

  7. Cuantas cosas bonitas. Me ha encantado. Bss Enara.

  8. Lovely items. The vegan bag is very cool

  9. Yo he colaborado con esta página y tienen cosas muy chulas, besos!!

  10. la verdad es que este tipo de paginas tienen cosas muy monas a buenos precios


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