lunes, 22 de agosto de 2016

Shein wishlist and my favorite suit

My favorite suit

Reloj de pared

Hoy os enseño mi lista de deseos, aunque mis pensamientos están sobre todo concentrados en el traje de chaqueta y shorts de rayas blancas y azules (no tengo ningún traje con shorts y me encantaría tenerlo) y en los salones negros, pero sobre todo del traje, ya que los tacones de los salones pueden ser un poco altos para mí, miden 9,5cm y yo intento ponerme el límite de 9cm porque sino no puedo estar cómoda con ellos. De todos modos para ir como invitada a una boda o a un evento me parecen preciosos.

I do not have any suit with shorts from Shein and I would love to have the one of the collague, it is from Shein and it is available in XS, S, M and L sizes. The material is 100% cotton, it is one of my favorite materials because it lets the body breath. The fabric has not strength. On the other hand the heels are gorgeous, they are not the best for running but you will look like a princess with them if you assist to an event or a wedding, aren't they to die for?

Happiness - Total look from Shein

White sneakers

In the second collague you will see my casual choices. White sneakers are a Must Have, so I do have them. The alien grey sweatshirt is trendy, haven't you seen it before? There are more colours available and a longer version. I ordered leggings yesterday, they are always welcome in my wardrobe, they are trendy and super comfortable, I wear them at home, for doing sports and in the street. On the other hand I love the top and shorts suit, it seems to have small coins in the border.

Do you like my selection? Which is your favorite item?

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  1. Pinstripe is a great print... very classic and it can be worn so many ways... I hope you are doing well Enara xox

    1. I wanted the suit but maybe it will have to wait, I don't know if I will have in September. I am fine, on holidays, visiting my family. xoxo

  2. Great selection Dear:) I like the sweatshirt:)
    Have a nice day:)

  3. Es precioso, me encanta Enara. Bss

  4. Very interesting list <3


  5. Great post dear! :)♥

  6. Me flipa la primera combinación! Besazo guapa

  7. Me encanta tu deseo de chaqueta a rayas.


  8. You have beautiful and very stylish pieces on your wishlist!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  9. A mi me ha gustado más la segunda combinación y me ha sorprendido porque no es muy de mi estilo.Saludos :)

  10. Nice post! Have a lovely Wednesday. :)


  11. reconozco que he estado tentada por el traje primero, es ideal!!!

    besitos ♥

  12. Que cosas tan bonitas!
    Besos preciosa,

  13. ¡Me encanta el traje! Que chulada, esta web tiene prendas muy chulas <3

  14. Wow, so wonderful!
    P.S Would you like to follow each other? Write about it on my blog.

  15. El traje es super chulo! A principios de los 90 se llevaban mucho los trajes con shorts

  16. no soy de llevar pantalon corto, y ha sido ver la primera foto el traje de rayas azules y enamorarme

  17. Es precioso este traje, le sacarías mucho partido.


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