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Blippo Surprise Kawaii Stationery Bag + GIVEAWAY-SORTEO

Hello dears! I received my first Blippo Surprise Kawaii Stationery Bag, a bag with at least 15 randomly selected kawaii stationery items. The items that come in the bag cannot be purchased separatly. The retail value is approx. 35USD but you only pay for it 14.22. They have free shipping to Spain and I think that to the most of the countries. In this bag you will find cute and useful stationery items. Each bag includes a mix of at least 15 stationery kawaii items chosen randomly. The package arrived fast and in perfect conditions.

Cute bear stationery set - The set includes 8 pencils, a sharpener, an eraser and two pencil caps. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

Carrot eraser set - They are super cute and they erase well and the colour doesn't smudge off.

Hello Kitty ribbon pencil sharpener - The colour of this sharpener is pink. It is Hello Kitty's bow! You can sharpen pencils or make up pencils anywhere because it because it is large enough to sharpen multiple pencils before it needs to be emptied.

Kawaii doggy restaurant puffy stickers - This is a sweet puffy sticker set Japanese restaurant themed, there are drinks, lunch sets and other treats, even other maids! It nicludes a foldable cardboard too! You can use the small stickers to decorate the menu or your notebooks, cards and gifts. They look so tasty!

Japanese lunch food puffy stickers - Enjoy your lunch time with these traditional Japanese treats ;) You can find many yummy things such as okonomiyaki, ramen (I have tasted it), pudding, chocolate and many more foods. You can put them in your notebooks, folders, menus...

Neko Magnetic Bookmarks - They will help you to remember and organize! Use the bookmarks to find the page of a book you were left on while reading, or attach them to the pages of your calendar and notebooks to find important dates and notes quickly! These cute cats will greet you every time you will open your books or notes!  =^._.^= ∫

Neko paw sticky bookmarks - These cute neko paw bookmarks are perfect to help you to remember and organise your notes, calendar, notebooks! They have even space to write small notes on them. The set includes bookmarks in 5 different colours. Not just useful, but super adorable as well!

Yummy snacks puffy stickers - All that you need for a kawaii lunch time. You can find many yummy things such as pizza, bagel, sandwich, tomato, egg, hot dog, ice cream, and many more well known sweets and treats as well as some kitchen condiments and equipment such as a microvave and a tray.

Colorful ribbon puffy stickers - Cute and kawaii ribbons! The sheet includes ribbons in different sizes and colors with dots, square and stripe patterns. You can make adorable girly cards, gifts or decorate your diary or journal with them.

Jewelry seal deco stickers - You can decorate frames, mobile phones, furnitures... with them. All of them are round but they have different sizes. They look almost like real diamonds! The sheet includes beautiful and shiny pink jewels in different sizes.

Korean mini deco tape set - This set includes 3 mini dispensers and 9 refills of tape, so you can make your scrapbooks, notes, and gifts look special! The tapes have many cute patterns: flowers, stripes, zigzag, balloons... I use them to close envelopes and wrap gifts.

Ghost ink pen - You can write cute, adorable or scary notes with this colorful ink ghost monster pens! In the cap there is a cute ghost with a funny face and emotion. The ink in these pens is special - you can erase it with the white eraser on the pen!

3D Panda Card Sticker - This cute panda comes alive in these 3D stickers! Every time you look at the panda from a different angle it has changed position. It is so cute and exciting! You can attach this sticker to somewhere special or fridge, to your phone, notebook... and you can watch him move, or write a cute message on the backside and give it as a present to a friend!

Kawaii animal mouth sticky notes - You can write important notes inside this chick's big mouth and stick them either on the pages on your calendar or notebooks, that way you will find important dates and notes quickly! You can imagine the chick tweeting.

Nora Band Highlighter Set - 5 pcs - Make your sweet words more important by using these wonderful highlighters! Every felt-tip pen has an adorable musician animal character on it and the set includes five adorable colors! Highlighted words will always be noticed! They are too cute!

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