viernes, 13 de agosto de 2021


Hello dears! Today I will show you a new shop for me. Sculptshe focuses on women's shaperwear and activewear. I think I need its products because since I have been mother my tummy is bigger. I do not eat that much but I do eat once thing with sugar everyday. I am breastfeeding my child, maybe that is one of the reasons because I am hungry more often and my body probably keeps everything I eat.

This kind of products are not new for me. I have at home one pair of leggings that push up the backside and makes your tummy slimmer and also one pair of tights that do the same. I also have many corsets, I love them but I don't feel that comfortable with them, the ones of Sculptshe seem more comfortable.

There are two products that mainly took my attention. The first of them is 360 lipo foam board, I have never had a board like this. This one is even more special that the ones that I have seen before. If you have had a liposuction or tummy tuck procedure, this board will help you in the recovery process. You can use it everyday due to its comfort, safety, and design. It's unnoticeable under any look. As you can see in the picture velcro closure allows you to adjust its compression. This board helps the skin to adhere to the muscle after having liposuction or tummy tuck surgery procedure.


The second product that took my attention is the thong shapewear bodysuit. I usually do not wear that kind of product but my cousins and aunt have recommend it to me, they often wear them to working events, weddings... or when they want to wear a tight dress because it controls your tummy. It has removable and ajustable straps that you can put in different positions for different clothes. It has hooks in the crotch which make easier going to the restroom. There are 6 sizes of this item.

Both products are on sale, the discount is 40%OFF, so now it is a good moment to buy them.

Do you use this kind of products?

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  1. Yo no uso este tipo de productos, pero siempre viene bien conocer opciones.

  2. No necesito este tipo de productos de momento pero viene muy bien conocerlo. Un beso

  3. yo tengo un par de fajas para unos vestidos y la verdad es que son comodos

  4. I never used this kind of products but I am sure that some people will be happy using them

  5. Very interesting post!
    Thanks for sharing 😍😍


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