viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

Interview with Alicia (Mundo de Alicia)

I am going to introduce you Alicia. Do you know her blog? If you do not know I recommend you. Her blog was the first blog that I followed and she was my first follower. I think that she is a gir who knows a lot about style. At her blog you can see different things, such us, outfits, items, house decoration...

1. Which are the ten must have in every wardrobe?

1. Jeans
2. White blouse - shirt
3. Blazer
4. Shoes with heels
5. Flat shoes
6. Classic bag
7. Trench coat or coat
8. Little black dress
9. Classic dress pants
10. Skirt

2. What designers or brands would you choose for a dress, for a bag and shoes?

- Céline bags
- Michael Kors watches & bags
- Balenciaga bracelets
- YSL clutches
- Alexander Wang skirts
- Miu Miu clutches & shoes
- Zara & Massimo dutti for everything

3. What training is necesary to know about fashion?

I don't think everyone needs training to understand fashion, I really believe some people are just born with the fashion gene. For those people who aren't born with it I would recommend to take a styling - colour or fashion class.

4. Which will be the colours of the spring?

Some colours that will be hot for spring are : 
- Blue
- White
- Red
- Orange
- Yellow
- Caramel shades
- Fuchsia

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  1. Me acabo de pasar por su blog.. mmm me gusta!!! Gracias por compartirlo..
    Como estamos ?? yo sigo sin pc.. arreglandome con un portatil que va hacia atras .. uffffff que horror..

  2. UOOOO ME ENCANTA EL COLLAR... es genial! y bueno... el segundo bolso... jajaja y el primero!

    un ebsote!

    pd: sólo escribes en inglés o es que no encuentro la pestaña de elegir idioma???



  3. Ahora mismo me paso por su blog



  4. la conocia y la verdad es que me encanta, es monisima y tiene un estilazoo!!

    lo de google es el 1 de marzo, a ver que pasa jeje


  5. no conocía ese blog, pero ahora mismo me meto :)
    por cierto, comienzo a seguirte también vía bloglovin' ya que he oído que gfc cerrará dentro de poco. muaks

  6. No conocía su blog, me pasaré a verlo. Besos.

  7. gracias por pasarte cielo, eres un sol!!


  8. super fun


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