jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012


The label Finders Keepers is a fresh take on fast fashion, with a signature look that is defined by it’s unique and often quirky prints, on-trend design and lots of colour.
Conceived in 2009, the label set out to fill the niche of creating a line that was affordable yet maintained a young, fun and fashionable edge.

Veira is all about quirky statement bags that are as relevant today as they will be tomorrow. The look is contemporary, yet classic; functional, yet fashionable; minimalist, yet intricate. Veira is built upon a mixture of modern female flair inspired by vintage silhouettes and complemented by an array of innovative detailing. Motivated by the emergence of a desire for distinctive styles, Veira bags are created for the fashion smart woman who is chic, confident and bold enough to be herself. Made to last, our line of bags are carefully crafted with love, joy and unrestricted inspirations.

You can find these items in Unestablish, click in the photos to enter.

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  1. ahhhhh!! que pena que no entienda ni papa de inglés para poder escribirte un comentario de esos como dios manda :S "sorry!"
    aún asi, muchisimas gracias por tu comentario y por pasarte por MENGANITAdecual , ha sido todo un placer!!

    un besazo y hasta la próxima

  2. Un post enterito en inglés? Y eso? Un beso!!

  3. love the first photo and as Love Sushi, will check her web! :D



  4. Buff..en ingles me pierdo jejejje

    Para lo de la sección de "nosotr@s tambien lo llevamos"por supuesto que vale un colage, loo espero ansiosa jeje

    Besotes suiteros

  5. Love the first pic !!

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