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Wholesaleshapeshe, plenty of options


Hello dears! Today I will speak you about wholesale body shapers and more, you will see what amazing things they have in the online shop. I don't use body shapers everyday but I use them often, everytime that I have an event I use them because I see myself more beautiful. Since I have been a mum I have a belly which I like to hide, well I prefer that dissapears but that is more difficult I would need to eat less and do more exercise. I don't eat a lot but it seems that I eat more than I should because I don't reduce weight, I don't gain it either. I have a lot of things in my mind right now, work, the child, the house... so for me it is easier to use a body shaper than concentrate on my weight right now. On holidays I will do more exercise.

If you want/need a body shaper you have a lot of options in this shop, I love that because I don't always look for the same or want the same. For example I would match the one that I show you in the first picture with a skirt, I think that is a lovely bodysuit and I love the light blue. I have big breats and square necks look good on me.

I have this corset but only in red, the one in the picture is red and black. I love corsets to tease my partner. If you like waist trainer in this shop you can also find comfortable wholesale waist trainers with logo, some of them cover your breasts and others no. They also sell compression bands, I have seen some people using them while doing sports.

Everywoman likes sexy lingerie and here you can find plenty of options in different colours and shapes, you can check for the wholesale sexy lingerie. Red is my favourite colour and then black.

The products are available in different sizes, for example from XS to 4XL. They have post surgery body shapers too. In some of them shoulder hooks can adjust, some of them have zippers or different positions, so you can adjust them to fit it on you perfectly.

On the other hand they have a support via Whatssap too, you can ask your doubts there.

Did you know this shop?

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  1. Hola!!! Que lindo el corset 💗 es hermoso y bien gótico. Me encantó al igual que tu blog 😊 así que me quedo como tu nueva seguidora para seguir leyéndote y si gustas visitarme mi blog es plegariasenlanoche.blogspot.com nos estamos leyendo.

    Un beso enorme desde Plegarias en la Noche

  2. Tienen cosas bonitas, aunque ya no me veo yo con estas cosas ajaj y eso que tengo un montón de corpiños nuevos!!

  3. ¡qué bonito el segundo corsé! Besos rojos por doquier!!!


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