domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2022

Shapellx, body shapers and waist trainers for xmas

AirSlim® 2.0 Smooth Wrap & Hourglass Shapewear 

 Hourglass Shapewear

Dear all: Merry Christmas! Today I will show you great products for this season full of events for some of you, others of you will use them everyday during the year... This is a holiday time for the most of us and we meet our families, some of us believe in God, some of us no but we usually meet people and friend these days and we wear our best clothes. I wear my best clothes in Christmas and other events like weddings. Under our best clothes we can wear shapewear to look better it does not matter what size we have, shapewear always will help. If you are going to wear tights you can choose shapping tights instead of the normal ones. If you are going to wear leggings you can wear Eco comfort leggings for example. You will find products that are not in other shops like one shoulder bodysuit. On the other hand under a dress a body shaper is a Must Have. If you have doubts try the dress without the body shaper and with it and you will see the difference.

 PowerConceal™ Low-Back Hourglass 

PowerConceal™ Low-Back Hourglass

The best of Shapellx is that you have plenty of options and they are for real people with all the range of sizes, so it will not be difficult to find something that you want / like. They have different collections, including a ECO collection.

In the pictures I show you the products that most of the women that I know have. I also have a short beige leggings and black tights that make my bum up. 

 AirSlim® Long Sleeve Shaping Bodysuit 

Long Sleeve Shaping Bodysuit

They have plus size waist trainer too, I do have waist trainer also but I do not use them that often I only use them at home and for going out I prefer body shapers. In addiction I recommed you to visit the plus size section where there is a suit with crop top and short that I love.

Santa Claus has gone but for some of us the Three Wise Men will come with gifts, we can ask products from Shapellx and we will have free shipping on orders over $80 and hassle free returns!

Have great days!!

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