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Tokyo Treat Premium: December Box

This is my second TOKYOTREAT box, these boxes has the most premium Japanese snacks and candies, you can check my previous one here. In these boxes there are salty, sour and sweet things, I love everything. You can discover limited edition Japanese treats that you won't find anywhere else! Don't forget they have free shipping worldwide.

There are Small, Regular and Premium, this one it is the Premium, I recommend to get the Premium one, you will get a special item, a drink and one DIY kit with it.

Os enseño la caja que he recibido de Tokyo Treat, es la Premium, la más completa y me ha encantado, me ha gustado que todo sea variado, esta caja me da la oportunidad de probar cosas que de otra manera serían muy difíciles de probar.

The theme of this box was Christmas.

Do you want to know what it is inside?

Mokeke with ball chain

This is a cute alien for all ages. A Mokeke is an alien which come from a planet called Mokekenoke ;) They are popular in Japanese game centers.

Bireley’s Soft Candy: Soft candies that come in different flavors including peach, orange, apple and muscat grape. These soft candies promise to get juicer with each bite. Do you bring candies to the beach?
Cola Ramune Candy: Ramune candies are popular snacks in Japan and when I was a child they were popular in Spain as well. They have a slightly powdery texture, which I like and they reminds me of my childhood. In addition this candy will remind you of Cola drink!

Christmas Edition White Milk Caramel Corn: This is one of my favorites flavours and it has a reindeer package! It is puffed corn with caramel taste.

Christmas Edition Chocolate Umaibo: They are four, in other picture there is the other one. I knew Umaibo's savory snacks now I tasted these 2 Christmas version: corn puff roll wrapped in black chocolate and corn puff without chocolate.

Christmas Edition Shimi Choco Corn: These star corns are soaked in chocolate, I love the taste! I love to eat them with a creamy Capuccino.

Cream Stew Ramune: This is a bizarre flavour, it is a savory soda. I liked the flavour it is sweet stew soda, it was surprisely yummy! and it seems healthy as well. If you like to try knew things this is a good chance.

Komekko Scallop Flavor: These are non-fried rice crackers and have sesames rolled into them to give them. They added scallop flavored soy sauce. They are perfect for all hours of the day and they match with the cream stew ramune ;)

Puchi Puchi Art Gummy DIY

You can use the stencil that comes in the package as a guide or create your own art. You can use different colours. You have an small bottle to add water and mix it with the podwers. It is a fun and creative snack, that not only is tasty but looks good!

Strawberry Roll Candy: This candy rolls is 50 cm in length. It is funny to eat eat it and I love it. I had tasted it before in that flavour, strawberry, and also the green apple one.

Cocoa Flavor Chocobi Ramune: This is Crayon Shin Chan’s favorite snack it has ramune candy style. They are individually wrapped cute star shaped ramune candies with Vitamin D added so they are slightly healthier than other candies. They are yummy!

Christmas Fugashi: Fugashi is a traditional Japanese dagashi snack that is made from gluten and is perfectly light and airy but soaked in a luscious coat of brown sugar to give it a delectable flavor. It comes in a cute Christmas package. I loved it but I ate it very fast.

Tomato Pretz: Popular Japanese snack Tomato Pretz. Tomato Pretz has just the perfect crunch and savory flavor that makes for a super satisfying snack. It was the first time I tasted them but I would not mind to repeat.

Mini Choco Chip: The classic Western snack in a portable packaging so you can bring them to the school or wherever you go. They have a crumbly texture and chocolate chips. Maybe this one was my favorite from this box although it is difficult to choose.

Hi Milk Chocolate CUBIE: They are milk chocolates made for people on the go. You no have to finish it all at once although I could not resist. The chocolate have a special coating which make them less prone to melting in your hand, so they are perfect for travels for example.

Do you like the Tokyo Treat? (*◕‿◕*)

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  1. Hay que ver qué cosas tan curiosas.
    Un besazo!

  2. Respuestas
    1. La verdad es que si te gustan este tipo de cosas es ideal. Besos

  3. Me encantan estas cajitas!!
    Un besito

  4. Muy completita esta cajita!!!saludos!!!

  5. vaya que de cosas lleva la caja!!!

  6. ¡Qué cositas tan monas! Un beso, guapa.

  7. Mis niños se vuelven locos con estas cosas. Besos

  8. Hola, que cosas trae, me ha encantado. Un besazo.

  9. Y yo sin merendar! me tomaría encantada unos de esos Tomato Pretz! :D

    1. Para merendar es ideal porque las bolsas no son muy grandes, podemos darnos un capricho sin engordar en exceso. Besos

  10. tienen cosas chulisimas! la verdad estas cajas me encantan y me llaman mucho la atencion

  11. ¡Qué curiosa es la cajita! Me ha encantado el alien ^^ Un besote

  12. Que curiosa !!!

    En estas cajitas siempre vienen cosas que de otra forma nos sería casi imposible probar. El no saber además que contiene hasta que la abres es también muy divertido jeje

    Un besito guapísima disfruta del finde ¡Y de ese peluche tan mono que viene en la cajita! ^^

    1. Yo como de todo, nunca me he arrepentido de pedir ninguna cajita, siempre son sorpresas agradables :)
      Besos, tú también disfruta :) Aquí va a llover

  13. Que caja tan graciosa! Y que rico todo!

  14. Muy mono el peluche!!! feliz fin de semana!!!

  15. Wonderful this box :) kiss


  16. Cuantas cositas tiene muy buena pinta ;)

  17. Viene muy completa la caja y tiene buena pinta todo.


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