sábado, 22 de agosto de 2015

The dissapointment: Glamulet

I am quite angry and I think that I should say it because I don't want anyone else deceived. I won a giveaway in Caro's blog and I never received my bracelet. They have been 2 months since I won it. I have read that it has happened to more than one person who won giveaways.
1. I won the giveaway.
2. I don't receive anything.
3. They don't give me a tracking number.
4. They don't answer to my messages.

I don't recommend Glamulet.

Esta es una entrada sobre una decepción, gané en un sorteo una pulsera de Glamulet, que no he recibido, me dijeron que me la habían enviado, solicité que me enviaran un localizador de envío, no me enviaron nunca el localizador de envío y a partir de ahí nunca más contestaron a mis mensajes. En su facebook he visto que más chicas se quejan de lo mismo.

No recomiendo Glamulet.

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  1. That's really bad :-( Sorry to hear that.

    1. Yes and I don't want that it happens again to anyone else. xoxo

  2. Great post.

    New post :

  3. Gracias por avisar, lo tendré en cuenta! Muy triste que haya empresas que actuen así, con tan poca profesionalidad..
    Un beso!

  4. Sooo bad.. I'm sorry :(

    The Cutielicious

  5. Hola: es una pena lo que te pasó. Seguimos en contacto.

  6. I have had the same thing happen to me to Enara, I rarely enter in contests unless they are my favorite bloggers who are hosting the prize, when I have won from them I actually received it... It is too bad that some companies have to be such liars xox

    1. That is very bad. I have host giveaways of other companies and I had one problem once :(

  7. I am totally agree with you. I sent you an email today about this Glamulet problem. One more time, I am very sorry for this...

  8. Que pena, vaya empresas mas irresponsables nos encontramos a veces...


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